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List of Felix Mendelssohn's Works



  • Ave maris stella, soprano, voices, orchestra (Sacred)
  • Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage
    (Meeresstille und glückliche Fahrt) Overture in D Major, Opus27
  • Cantata, Begrüssung (Humboldt Cantata) solo male voice, male voices, wind, timpani, violoncello,  double bass (Choral with Accompaniment)
  • Cantata, "Grosse Festmusik zum Dürerfest" solo voice, voices, orchestra (Choral with Accompaniment)
  • Hora est, 16 voices, organ (Sacred)
  • Lass es heut am edlen Ort  -Goethe 4 male voices (Choral)


  • Piano Concerto #1 in G minor, Opus 25 (Solo Instrument with Orchestra)
  • Prayer - "Verleih' uns Frieden" voices, orchestra (Sacred)


  • Fantasy (Caprice) in A minor, Opus 16#1 (Piano)
  • Fantasy (Caprice) in E minor, Opus 16#2 (Piano)
    Fantasy (Caprice) in E Major, Opus 16#3 (Piano)
  • Die Heimkehr aus der Fremde, Opus 89 (Opera)
  • String Quartet #1 in E Flat Major, Opus 12
  • The Evening Bell (harp, piano forte) (Chamber)
  • Variations concertantes (violoncello,  piano forte), Opus 17 (Chamber)


  • Cantata, "Die erste Walpurgisnacht" voices, orchestra, Opus 60 1st version (Choral with Accompaniment)
  • Fugue in B minor, Opus 35#3b (Piano)
  • Prelude in D Major, Opus 35#2a (Piano)
  • String Quintet #1 in A Major, Opus 18
  • Symphony #5 in D minor, "Reformation", Opus 107
  • Te Deum in A soli, voices, orchestra (Sacred)


  • Andante in A Major (piano)
    Hebrides (Fingal's Cave) Overture in B minor, Opus 26
    (revised in 1832)
  • Three Motets, female voices, organ, Opus 39 (sacred)
  • Songs without Words, Vol. I, Opus 19
  • Three sacred pieces, Opus 23 (Sacred)
  • Zum Feste der Dreieinigkeit (O beata es benedicta) 3 S, organ (Sacred)


  • Beati mortui voices (Sacred)
  • Caprice in B Flat minor, Opus 33#3 (Piano)
  • Concert Piece in D minor (clarinet, basset horn, piano forte), Opus 113 (Chamber)
  • Concert Piece in F minor (clarinet, basset horn, piano forte), Opus 114 (Chamber)
  • Duo concertant, Variations on a march from Weber's Preziosa, 2 piano fortes (Piano)
  • Fantasy in F Sharp minor, Sonate écossaise, Opus 28 (Piano)
  • Lord, Have Mercy Upon Us, voices (Sacred)
  • Perti autem voices, male voices, Opus 115 (Sacred)
  • Responsorium et hymnus male voice, cello, orchestra (Sacred)
  • Die schöne Melusine Overture in F Major, Opus 32
  • Der Standhafte Prinz (Stage Music)
  • Symphony #4 in A Major, Italian, Opus 90
  • Trala. A frischer Bua bin i (Opera)




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